What Is The Ely Area Community Foundation?

The Ely Area Community Foundation is and IRS approved 501(C)(3), non-profit foundation that provides an opportunity for people who know and love the Ely Area to join their charitable dollars for the common good of the community, thus enhancing the community development and quality of life. They Ely Area Community Foundation receives donations from individuals, families, businesses, and charitable organizations. These funds are invested and managed by The Ely Area Community Foundation and the investment income is made available through a grant application process that responds to community needs and aspirations. Donations for designated purposes can also be made, with administration and investment management by the Foundation. Donor Advised funds can also be created. All donations are tax deductible.

Who Benefits From The Ely Area Community Foundation?

All residents of the Ely area and surrounding communities of Babbitt, Embarrass, Soudan, and Tower benefit. The mission is to enhance community development and quality of life in Ely and the surrounding area through the distribution of endowment funds and dedicated fund grants. This is done by developing the financial resources needed to promote the cultural, educational, civic, wellness, environmental, and economic assets. The Ely Area Community Foundation is an equal opportunity organization which welcomes grant applications from all qualified 501(c)(3)s or their fiscal agents.

How Does The Ely Area Community Foundation Work?

The Foundation operates under the direction of an Advisory Committee comprised of individual representatives of the service area.

Their responsibility:
  • To seek and accept donations for the Foundation endowment trust fund
  • To seek and accept donations for specifically designated purposes
  • To distribute available funds to eligible organizations through a granting process
  • To serve the area communities by working with donors and grant seekers
  • To inform the area communities of the Foundation’s work in order to strengthen public understanding and support
  • To act as a conduit for donors to existing funds, foundations, non-profits, and other organizations in the area communities

Areas For Potential Giving:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Civic Affairs
  • Education
  • Environment and Nature
  • Human Services

How Can You Help?

  • With outright donations that may include cash gifts, real estate, securities, personal property
  • With deferred gifts that may include bequests, life insurance and trusts with charitable provisions
  • With special purpose gifts that may include:
    • A memorial in honor of a deceased person
    • A gift to honor a living person
    • A gift to commemorate a special occasion
  • With your time and talent which may include helping with fund raising, public relations, or contacting donor individuals or organizations.